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Taking Into Consideration a Family Pet Bird? Ask Yourself These 7 Important Inquiries Birds can make remarkable pet dogs as well as buddies and there are various birds to choose from. 2 of one of the most preferred are parakeets as well as cockatiels. Parakeets and also cockatiels make terrific pets that only need simple daily care. They don't occupy a great deal of space, they consume small amounts of food, and also they do not need a day-to-day walk exterior. They love being around individuals and commonly desire out of their cages so they can be closer to you. Some even learn to speak. You're not the only one in considering a pet bird. As a matter of fact, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), birds are the third most popular animal behind pet cats and dogs. All of it audios fantastic does not it? Reduce a little, before you rush out to purchase a cockatiel or a parakeet, spend some time to consider whether you await a bird companion. If you're ready for the responsibilities that comes with cockatiels and parakeets, there are a few points for you to consider before you determine. Do yourself a favor and do not buy a parakeet or cockatiel until you ask on your own the following questions: Do I have sufficient patience for a bird? Parakeets as well as cockatiels are social pets and they like focus. You must give them a minimum of a half a hr of interest a day to keep them satisfied. Am I a neat fanatic? All birds (not simply parakeets and also cockatiels) can be fairly untidy. You're probably going to have some plumes and bird seed to pick up around the cage. Can I care for my bird properly? You're taking the right primary step by searching for information about birds. It is necessary for you to know all of your cockatiel's or parakeet's needs prior to you bring him or her home. Don't make the error of thinking that since you currently have a pet dog, feline or some other animal, that you know how to look after a bird. Birds have very various requirements than various other family pets. I hesitate it's a bit a lot more difficult than sticking your bird in a cage and giving it water and birdseed. Do I have space in my residence for a bird cage and various other 'bird accessories"? You require to think of where you're mosting likely to put the cage in your home prior to you walk in the door with it. And remember, the bigger the bird, the larger the cage. (Be sure to research the do's and also do not of cage placement. There are locations in your house that are really dangerous for your bird.). Do I have the moment to offer my bird what it needs? In addition to the moment you should invest with your bird offering him or her attention, you ought to invest some time preparing meals for your bird. An appropriate diet regimen for a healthy and balanced cockatiel or parakeet includes fresh veggies and fruits - not just seeds. Exactly what kind of bird (and also the amount of) do I desire? Choose whether you want a female or a male bird. Perhaps you wish to have a pair of birds to ensure that you can breed them. It's simpler to analyze these sorts of concerns now rather than waiting till you're speaking to a breeder. Am I ready for a long-term dedication? As I claimed above, it's not uncommon for cockatiels to live 15-20 parakeets as well as years can live 12-14 years. Obtaining a pet dog bird is a long-lasting commitment. Please do not get a parakeet or a cockatiel thinking that you're going to "try it for a while". There are currently way too many birds in rescue as well as fostering centers. Pet birds can bring a lot of fun and joy into your home. If you don't know what to anticipate before you bring one residence, you may remain in for a shock. If you have actually gone with the list above as well as chose that you're ready for a new feathery family members member, then congratulations! Prepare for a long, caring as well as pleased connection.